Well, it's about bloody time...

November 28, 2016

After what feels like a lifetime ago since I graduated from University (Leeds College of Art) back in June 2013, I've finally decided to give my personal portfolio website a very much needed overhaul. 


Not only am I repopulating my website with lots of new and exciting projects that I have been lucky enough to be a part of since becoming a 'fully-fledged designer', I have also given the website itself some extra love, care and attention it needed in order to bring it more up to date and in line with the sort of 'matured', experienced graphic designer that I am these days... Woop woop! 


Although, that said... Due to the fact that my 'day job' is as a graphic designer within the medical communications industry, that does mean that the work I do on a daily basis must not leave my my big, bright and flashy MacBook pro screen / my unnecessarily cluttered desk and be used on my own personal website. I know right, bummer!


I do however have a PDF sample of my portfolio containing more recent examples of my work that I would be more than happy (and allowed!) to share with you upon request. Just contact me, and I will get this forwarded over to you in no time at all. 


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December 4, 2016

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Due to the confidentiality for some of my latest works, I am prohibited to showcase these on my website.
I do have a PDF sampler containing recent projects I have undertaken that is available upon request. Please contact me if you wish for me to forward this on to you.