Product demos


Develop a hypothetical umbrella brand to produce numerous internal potential product demos



Wanting to go out and target/wow new clients, AccountScore needed a way to showcase just what they can do, both for themselves as well as for the clients, in a way that would be efficient, impressive, and more cost-effective to do so. 


I took this as an opportunity to develop what would become the umbrella branding for all such outcomes that fell within this remit of the company – ultimately deciding to use 'YourService'  (with the further option to tailor the second word to suit any type of industry/outcome).


To make this happen, each time there was a new client/industry/outcome desired, I would be briefed with an overview of what the 'end-goal' would be, and I would then from this develop the end product/prototype, including the user journey, UX planning, wireframes, specific branding, etc.